I'm attempting to use the VBA code supplied on this page: http://www.excelguru.ca/node/68 and called: "PrintAccessReportTOPDF_Early."

I'm getting the error <Can't initialize PDFCreator> when I Run. I did follow the instructions for setting it to early bind.

Wondering if my problem is more basic & how to fix it. My copy of PDFCreator is located on my local C: drive, but my database is stored on a network drive. Please note that my company blocks all attempts to download material, so I can't download another copy of PDFCreator to be located in the same place as my dataset.

Can I point to my C: drive from within the code you supplied?

I want to test to see if this works so I can drop it in a piece of code that will let me loop through a list of criteria and print individual reports for each of several different entities (contained in a field on the report). Does this sound workable? I'm thinking it should be, but not sure if it will trip over itself.

Thanks so much for any help you can provide!!