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Thread: Calculating margin % and adjusting pricing

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    Calculating margin % and adjusting pricing

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    Hey everyone,

    I have a rather large project that's been dropped in my lap and I'd like to see if there's a simpler way of doing it.

    I have an Excel sheet with 1400+ lines of SKU's and pricing that I need to adjust. I need to find out the margin % of each one first, then adjust each one to the range I've been told to change them to. I've managed to properly find the margin % on the first line, so I know how to do it, but having to input this formula =(D2-C2)/D2*100 into each row, then changing the cell numbers for each line is of course remarkably tedious.

    There HAS to be an easier way to do this. Does anyone know? I've attached a copy of the Excel file (minus SKU numbers and descriptions for privacy reasons) if that helps.

    My sanity thanks you.

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    Hello there,

    in E2 use: =IF(D2=0,0,(D2-C2)/D2*100)

    This stops you from getting Divide by Zero errors

    Once you have the formula in, press Enter then reselect E2. Have a good look a the dark black box around E2. You'll see that in the bottom right corner of the active cell border there is a small black square. This is called the ANCHOR. Double Click it and the formula will be copied all the way down to the last row of your data.


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