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Thread: Not sure what Formula will work

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    Not sure what Formula will work

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    I have a list of items: "15.5", "10.8", 5.16" that are listed in a single column. Then in the next column I capture how many times each item is ordered. What I need is a formula that will give me a total count of each item. Both columns are dynamic and the items can be any of the three listed above, the "how many ordered" column can be any number, and in any order(not sequential).
    Item how many ordered
    15.5 3
    15.5 2
    10.8 4
    5.16 2
    5.16 5
    So my answers would be.
    15.5 = 5
    10.8 = 4
    5.16 = 7
    So I need a forumla that will look through column A and find every instance of "15.5", then look through column B and add up the total numbers associated with "15.5" in column A. Answer would be 5.

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    Try the SUMIF function, or , depending on your needs, a Pivot Table ( which could be overkill)

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