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Thread: Create a list for specfied person from long list

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    Create a list for specfied person from long list

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    I'm looking for hep with macro's excel 07. I manage a number of build managers that need to provide actual and forecast date info into report which is then highlighted to show the cells that have been updated. Then Admin checks the report and uploads the amended date information to a database.

    Just togive you an idea of my knowledge on Excel, I am not an excel guru but can write small formulas and do vlookups, so could do with some help on how to approach this.

    The column which provides the persons info is 'F' this is located on Sheet 'ITB' I also have created a sheet called summary this is where im thinking of having a Macro which creates the relevant list for each person. but im also unsure if it would be easier to have a list per person ?

    Can i have your thoughts on this?

    I have attached the spreadsheet for your info Instruct contractors help.xlsx

    Thanks for reading


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    I might be missing something, but looking at your spreadsheet can't you filter the data by unticking Select All and then tick a build manager to get a list for him only ? If so, it should be straightforward to record a macro to generate them separately ?


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