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Thread: Vacation Scheduled vs Vacation Taken

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    Vacation Scheduled vs Vacation Taken

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    I had this post on another board and someone suggested that I give this board a try. I'm trying to make this spreadsheet figure an employees vacation that has been taken (according to the current days date) vs what that same employee has scheduled for tomorrow through the rest of the year.

    My previous helper was able to get it to figure scheduled vs taken but only to the current month. For example, if someone had vacation scheduled for tomorrow, April 30th. It would show as "Taken" even though that day hasn't happened yet, as it is only the 29th. He suggested a helper column of some sort but I'm not sure what to do to get it to work. I'm hoping someone here will have a brilliant idea

    I've attached an example for you to see. *Note - The days/dates on the calendar change columns depending on what year is selected on the "Year Calendar" tab.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
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    I got you started.
    1st I made another row that contains the day of the month + the month name so i can use this in the datevalue function.
    then i made 2 more columns, 1 for "total V scheduled" and 1 for "total V taken". I then modified the sum formula you were using in your Total V column to compare the date from my new row to today.
    Please note i only modified January, April, May for testing purposes.
    the formulas will have to have the portion checking for the dates updated per month block.
    I hope this gets you what you need.



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