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Thread: Adding fixed percentage to entire column of prices problem?

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    Adding fixed percentage to entire column of prices problem?

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    Hello, using OFFICE 2010 I wish to add 5% to a list of prices, the different prices are all in the same column, I searched the net and found these instructions:

    If you wish to add 5% to a row of prices, in a cell on your page type 1.05, then select that cell and copy it. Now select your cells that contain the prices. Then from the Edit Menu select Paste Special and from the dialog box check multiply.

    So I typed 1.05 into an empty cell and this works BUT problem is it adds more than 2 decimals so for example $3.10 now becomes 3.255 I then try

    Format / Custom then in the "Type" box put $0.00

    but same result. I tried this in Open Office and it works perfect but I am at my wits end on getting this to work in Office 2010, help please anyone?

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    Works fine for me.
    Hope that helps


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    Can you post an example sheet, showing the problem with the decimal places ?

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