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Thread: Code or formula for blank date cell

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    Code or formula for blank date cell

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    Hi, I am wondering if there is a code to enter into a blank cell so that when i upload my spreadsheet, it will be in a mm/dd/yyyy format? My software at work requires this column to be in a mm/dd/yyyy format, however I cannot enter 1/1/1900 instead of blank, meaning that if there is no data in that cell, i should leave it as is.

    The problem started because say a tool originally had the warranty date of 1/31/2012, but now there is no warranty date for that tool, meaning it has unlimited warranty, I want to replace that date of 1/31/2012 with blank. So i have 2000 tools to update, but instead of going into the database and updating 2000 lines one by one, i can do a mass upload of the excel template, but it will not just take the blank cell, i have to have something in there, and it has to be mm/dd/yyyy format, so I need to see if there is some sort of formula or code i can enter into that cell so that it will replace my old date.

    Any advice?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Is the date you want to replace always 1/31/2012? If so, a simple Find/Replace (CTRL-H) search will do it. Hi-lite the column, do the replace command. Enter your date in the "Find what:" field and leave the "Replace With:" field blank.

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    It seems to me the issue is the database you are trying to upload to has restrictions on data that can be entered. the date column in the database is requiring a date and a blank is not a date.

    if this is the case, put in 1/1/2222 that way your dead when that date comes up and someone else can deal with it

    or you could get with whoever created the database and change the restrictions to allow blanks.

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