Hi Iam new to this and hope someone can point me in the right direction. I have a customer order template in excel 2003 and I want to be able to link the customer details section of the template to an external database which is currently an outlook contacts list.

Say I have a customer, Mr Wright, I would want to be able to type in Wright in the surname cell on my order template and for it to, either show me all the Wrights on the Outlook contacts list and allow me to autofill the details into the template or, if not there, to be able to enter his details creating a new customer record at the same time.

In an ideal world it would be preferable to keep the customer data on the Outlook contacts list but it would be acceptable to export the OUtlook list to a worksheet that could link to the template.

I am not really familiar with Access but if there was an easy way to import the excel template into Access and handle the project within Access then I suppose I might be prepared to go that route but for the time being if I can solve within Excel then at least I am on more familiar territory.