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Thread: Max base on a cell value

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    Max base on a cell value

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    Good Day

    I have the following pressure test to adhere to in column L on the attach spreadsheet, 1500Kpa, 3500Kpa, 5000Kpa,7000Kpa and 8500Kpa which is choosen based on column K. In turn column N is calculated and taken to the graph on the right. But if value on column N is less value in column O then it must take the next heights pressure, ie if the calculated pressure returns to 3500Kpa on L but calculated value a at N is less than value at O, it must take it to 5000Kpa or next pressure that will return value at N to be greater than O.

    Your assistance will be appreciated
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    Have looked at your excel. Adjusted a section on sheet3. Have a look and let me know if it works. Have created a section for your threshold values, and then check each row against that threshold value with a match formula.
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    Hi EricMooiweer

    I had a look at what you did and your column S still gives you what I did in column N. Cum. Length (column H) from 3010.593 to 3310.59 and 5490.585 to 12890.59 should be 5000 base on values in column N. Values in column N should be greater than design head in column O. Also refer to the graph on the right.


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    TESt H_adjusted2.xlsx This should do the trick then, if I understood you correctly. Good luck

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