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Thread: Autofill a column based on text in adjacent column

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    Autofill a column based on text in adjacent column

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    Hey. I am new to this site and have very little experience on excel. I am trying to update a mileage expense report for my boss. When she fills in a farm name in column D she wants the mileage to auto fill into column G. The mileage is set and doesn't vary. For example the mileage for Farm A is always 145.3 miles and the the mileage for Farm B is 97.6 miles, etc. I hope that all makes sense. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Column D........Column G
    Farm A ..........145.3
    Farm C ..........76.5
    Farm B...........97.6
    Farm C ..........76.6

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    You should be able to use VLOOKUP to do that
    Hope that helps


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