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Thread: Excel Find Matching and Transfer Data to Another Sheet

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    Excel Find Matching and Transfer Data to Another Sheet

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    when clicking the button on the third sheet, the first sheet will be checked for cell values of A.
    If there are some common values between two sheets on the Columns A, then find the common return values to assign to the forth sheet.
    But there is a trick that it must be written to the Column A of forth sheet if there are one more code pairs belonging to one M.Product code.
    To be more comprenehsible, please check out the sample excel file as attached.

    Moreover, there will be also one more button on the third sheet to calculate total amount of the sheet of Sales_Amount.
    Calculation of it must be in accordance with code parts. For example: 15428 has two code parts and for each amount of code parts will be multiplied with the value of the total Sales Amount to be assigned to the forth sheet.
    Further to this, All columns/rows values will be on the forth sheet under each cell values.
    You will also see this on the sample file.
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    Why not use one datasheet and a pivottable? the pivottable will sum all these things for you.

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