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Thread: New to forum could use some help

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    New to forum could use some help

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    Hi everyone I could use some help here. what i need to do is pull data from multiple workbooks into one workbook.I have one main excel file with a list of 1000s of parts. Now the part number for each part is in column "A". each part has a separate excel file that is given the name of the part number in column "A". I need to get the data from a cell in that file for each part into the main excel file. Now I know i can do this by simply doing [workbookname]sheetname!cell but then i would have to type each part number for every formula. Is there a way to reference the part number in column A which is the same as the workbook name into the formula so i can just write the formula once and drag it down the column.

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    part # materials labor
    2558 a36
    4587 1018
    Here is an example of what i need. Each part number has its own excel file that contains the labor in a cell in that file. I know i could do [2558]sheet1!A1. but i have thousands of parts in this list is there a way insert the part # from column A into that formula so i don't have to write it in for every part or some other way anyone can think of to do it.

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    joe, although your posting is in the formulas section and I don't have any idea how to do this with formulas, my reply to this question in the VBA section may give some insight towards a solution.

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