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Thread: FREQUENCY---how to use it

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    FREQUENCY---how to use it

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    I am new to Excel. I am trying to create a formula in a payroll worksheet for determining how often employees work 0-19 hours, 20-29 hours, 30-40 hours and 40+ hours.
    I have the Bin number set up as O, 20, 30 and 40. Let's say they are in a range from F7 to F10.

    My hours for each employee are in a row from B5 to B18.

    How do I make the formula?

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    Hi Steph

    No need for the zero in cell F7

    Select cells G8:G11: =FREQUENCY(B5:B18,F8:F10) To commit CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER


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    Thank you, Kevin!

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