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Thread: Double matching figures / or / double vlookup

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    Double matching figures / or / double vlookup

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    Hi there,

    I got 2 data sets containing x,y and z coordinates representing an ore seam.
    The first data set has got many data points (1600 points) and represents one large floor surface of the seam.
    The second data set has got only a few data points (50) and represents several smaller roof surface of the seam.
    If in an area there are only floor coordinates, it means that there is actually no seam.
    If in an area there are floor coordinates AND roof coordinates, the ore seam is present.
    I want to find the ore seam.

    Floor Roof
    x y z x y z
    ... ... ... ... ... ...
    ... ... ...

    So, for all the roof coordinates, I want to find the nearest floor coordinates. Since the z-coordinate can differ between the floor and the roof, we only need to focus on the x- and y-coordinates. I know the function =vlookup(), but I need a sort of double vlookup, where not only 1 coordinate, but both coordinates of a particular roof point are approximately near the floor point.

    Who can help me with this?
    It would be greatly appreciated!


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    It would help if you can post actual raw data samples and expected results (with explanatory notes as necessary).

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    Attached the Excel file.

    In columns A B and C the x y and z coordinates of the floor.
    In columns E F and G the x y and z coordinates of the roof.
    For every data point of the roof, I want to find the point on the floor for which the x and y coordinates are the nearest.

    Then the difference between the two depths (z coordinates) will give the thickness of the seam.
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    Hi fidodido

    Can you not just import the coordinates into CAD (3D model) or put the X & Y on different layers and overlay!

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