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Thread: Suggestion - Office version selector when posting new threads

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    Conjurer Roger Govier's Avatar
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    I can't agree with you there Bob.
    When posters ask about Pivot Tables there is often no clue as to what version they are using.
    The suggested response, and the steps will vary enormously between <=2003, 2007 and 2010.

    It would just be helpful if there was some idea of which version the OP wanted the solution.
    I agree, what version I or you run is not really of any consequence for the OP, but even if we have and are familiar with all versions, it does make it easier to give the best advice when we know which version the OP is using.

    Roger Govier
    Microsoft Excel MVP

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    easy sorted Ken , go here, as admin you then create the templates in a created category, so create a shared category called "Excel" then create shared templates like this:
    Excel 97
    Excel 2003
    Excel 2007
    Excel 2010
    Office 97
    Office 2003
    Office 2007
    Office 2010

    Well you get the idea, a new template for each version, make sure they are shared and you allow your user permissions to use the templates but not create or manage them, and hey presto a nice dropdown the OP and replier can use in every post window
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	templatelist.jpg 
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    Any problems i'll lend you a hand
    Kind regards,
    Simon Lloyd
    Microsoft Office Discussion

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