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Thread: Macro to export PDF to outlook and send

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    Macro to export PDF to outlook and send

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    Hey guys, I'm a new user who found the site out of necessity.

    I'm attempting to run a macro that will create a PDF from referenced cells, save the PDF (filename must reference specified cell) in a specified location to be archived, attach the newly created PDF in outlook, then copy a second range from a different sheet within the same workbook and paste the image into the email body as a high quality image (picture enhanced metafile)

    I've found example codes that will do what i want but cannot get it to run as one..

    I'm not sure if im allowed to post the spreadsheet and example code but im happy to if anyone is interested in helping.


    Chris Brennan

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    To: *****

    Subject line :Sheets("Report")Range("B41")

    Attachment : Sheets("Charts")Range("A1:O121")or "Attachment" (PDF) (must archive .PDF in specified location and reference, Sheets("Report")Range("B41") as filename)

    E-mail body: Sheets("Report")Range("A1:O37") or "Body"(picture enhanced metafile)

    I'm using 2010 but if there is anyway of making it work with 2003 that would be great.

    Example codes attached.
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