I would be very greatful if someone could help me with the following issue:
Basically, I've got two seperate excel sheets. One contains a list of employee codes(containing letters and numbers) and information related to each employee in the other columns, like this:

employee no | data
1A xy
1A cd
1A jn
2B fg
2B hi

... and so forth. Another excel sheet contains (among other columns with other data), the same employee no and the employee name, like so:

employee no | name
1A John Doe
2B Peter Jackson
3B George Lucas

What I need is some kind of manipulation in Excel that will allow me to easily connect the two, so that I get something like this:

employee no | name | data
1A John Doe xy
1A John Doe cd
1A John Doe jn
2B Peter Jackson fg
2B Peter Jackson hi

... et cetera.

Is it possible to largely automate this? It would really save quite a bit of time for me and my collaeges! I will email you a picture of a bottle of champagne as thanks :P