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    Question Advanced Filters Not Working

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    I'm trying to apply advanced filters to a list of words and phrases in Excel in order to segment and categorize them into groups. For some reason, my filters are not working even though I made sure I have selected the right List and Criteria range. Below are the two criteria that I'd used simultaneously in a filter - I want the filter to extract words/phrases from my list that does not include the word "common" but does include the word "text book." Can anyone help and let me know what else I can do to troubleshoot? Thanks.

    Criterion 1 Criterion 2
    <>*common* =*text*book*

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    If you enter the column header in 2 horizontally adjacent cells, then below each put each criteria, then try the advance filtering....

    so if the column header is "Phrases", and this is column A, then say in X1 and Y1 enter the header "Phrases", then in X2 enter criterion 1, and in Y2 enter criterion 2.

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