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Thread: Need to evaluate cells as "good" or "bad"

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    Need to evaluate cells as "good" or "bad"

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    I'm not a power user, and I have what seems to be a simple problem. I have 2 numerical cells, A1 and A2. I need to enter either "Good" or "Not Good" in cell A3. If A1 is more than 4, AND A2 is less than 4, the cells are "Good." Otherwise they are "Not Good."

    I tried the formula: =IF(AND(A1>4,A2<4),"Good","Not Good")
    It does not seem to evaluate properly. What am I doing wrong?

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    The formula looks fine.

    Probably you have A1 and/or A2 formatted as Text.

    Select A1 and A2 and check the Format, make sure they are set to General or Number.

    Then re-enter the values in A1 and A2.. does it fix the problem?

    Also is the number 4 to be included? If so the comparators should be A1>=4 and A2<=4 respectively.

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    You got me on the right track, and now the problem is solved. The cells A1 and A2 had been formatted as "text," and I had reformatted them as both "number" and "general," with no change in the resolution formula. However, when I deleted the entry in the cells and reentered the number, the formula resolved correctly. It seems strange, but at least it works and I had the correct formula. Thanks for your help. Now I wonder if there is some way in this forum to mark this thread as "answered."

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