Do you know how/if I can achieve the following in excel

I am helping someone create a database in excel to manage all their cinema bookings. Example booking:
- Booked by Mr Smith
- Film Hobbit
- Date 3rd May,
- Time : 8pm
- Party of 5
- Paying by credit card
- Payment received

This part is straight forward but she then wants to record demographic info on the night. How many of the party are in which age group and which sex etc...

The first section is collected across a row in excel. How can she easily add in the additional info without having stacks of columns of age group/sex combination to scroll through.

Can she hit a button that pops up a form to collect the additional info that then inserts it into the main row of data.

The form looking something like this for her to complete each time a new party arrives, entering the numbers of guests in each demographic:
Male Female
Under 11

Any ideas gratefully received?

thank you