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Thread: Copy data from 1 sheet to another

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    Copy data from 1 sheet to another

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    I have a quiz which consists of 60 questions (multiple choice answers). The report that i am getting from the server only tells me the slide number and the answers given by the candidate. I dont know how to explain this hence i am going to use an example.

    I have a workbook with 2 sheets. One is called "Result" and the other sheet is called "Q&A"

    Result sheet is the one that I get from the server and it tells me the question number and the answer given by candidate.

    Q&A is the sheet in which i have cut & pasted all the 60 questions along with answers.

    Is there any way I can only show the data corresponding to the questions which candidate has answered? I am attaching a spreadsheet which will show what I am after.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Try in C1


    Copy down and across.

    . Array(CSE) { }, formulae are confirmed with CONTROL+SHIFT+ENTER.

    . -Replace commas ( , ) with semicolons ( ; )-or vice versa in formulae, if your locale setting demands.

    .--Don't attach a screenshot--Just attach your Excel file!

    .--KISS(Keep it simple Stupid)

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    thanks for your suggestion. I will try later today and confirm.


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