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    I’m new in here so not really sure how it works… But I have a question (properly an easy one) about slicers. I’ve build a number of graphs and charts from several pivots. Then added slicers afterwards and it all works just fine. BUT all the subjects in the slicer are automatic selected from the beginning. My question: “is it possible to set the slicer to blank?? Thereby making all graphs blank as well". I wanna do that to minimize the risk of errors by the users. I would like the user to make an active choice to make sure he or she gets the right graph.

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    No, it isn't - you can't deselect all the items. You would have to add a dummy entry to the source data perhaps (eg. 'Select an item') and then have that as the only selected item in the slicer.
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    Yep, JoePublic's right. I've got some code that will quickly de-select all but one item in a pivotfield if you need could set the code to automatically filter on the dummy item when the workbook opens, or when a 'reset' button is pushed. Doing this manually can be a bit tedious.

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