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Thread: Fuel consumption "live"

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    Fuel consumption "live"

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    I will like to make a live fuel calculations.
    The informations I have, is a "live" fuel rate in "Liter/hour"
    This number i get from a monitor software for a engine.

    I will like to hava a "Total fuel consuption" number.
    How can i get my live "Fuel rate" to a live "Total fuel consumption" ?

    I also want it to be possible to freeze the "Total fuel consumption" in another row.

    Can sombody help me ?


    [Engine 1] [Fuel rate] [Total fuel consumption] [Freeze total fuel consumption] [Difference total fuel consumption]

    Fuel rate in litrer/hour
    Total comsumption in liters
    Freeze Total comsumption in liters
    Difference Total comsumption in liters
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    can anyone help me ?

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    I guess you would need to establish a time interval for that. so put a start time and end time somewhere, deduct the 2 to establish elapsed time * fuel rate in ltrs/hr = total fuel consumption for that period.Good luck

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