OK, Here's what I got. We do our timesheets in excel. I made a Job Log spreadsheet that would pull the hours and work description from all our timesheets so I can see a breakdown of each work description. So on my Job Log, you enter the job number and it will show the hours for a set list of work descriptions. Problem is some users use to overwrite their work descriptions. So what I want to do is when the job number is entered and the hours are populated for the set list of work descriptions, I want any non-typical work descriptions to also populate and list the hours.

The work descriptions are in a named range called Work_Desc on a separate worksheet. Attached is a picture of what I have so far, I would like rows inserted between row 26 and 27 with the non-typical work descriptions and hours. At the same time it needs to only list a work description once if it's duplicated.

So if a user had "My Meeting" as a work description, it should insert between Rows 26 & 27 listing the description and total hours for that description. What I currently do now to tally hours for multiple instances of description is the formula


Is there an easy way with VBA? Or is there a simpler way? One thing I did test was to copy the Work_Desc range from it's sheet and paste at the bottom of this one, then use remove duplicates. I could do that and copy the formula down but I would rather this be automated if possible.

Any feedback appreciated.Click image for larger version. 

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