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Thread: How to match particular Data as a simple query request ?

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    How to match particular Data as a simple query request ?

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    Hello X-Guru users,

    I'm currently using power pivot in the context of an internal BI project. I've got a excel file where I agregate many datas from my company's tool and I send them into power pivot where I create and calculate indicator that I push on another excel file dedicated to the view in order to make the client aware of the situation of his domain, sector and so on.

    Here is the problem that I currently have :
    I'm got a tab into source excel file named Datagresso where I can find the ER by date and by project : the key are obviously the date and the project ID.
    I've got the same tab into power pivot where I calculated the average ER, the total ER... I've linked the date with a dedicated date tab and I've done the same with a project tab which contains more information about my project.
    I want to calculate the WIP (work in progress) in order to do that I need to get the last 3 months ER and that is where I encounter my problem I don't see a way to do that kind of query to pivot :
    Give me the ER Where (ProjectID = currentLineProjectID) AND (Date = Date(Year(currentLineDate);Month(currentLineDate)-1;Year(currentLineDate))

    Is it feasable ? Do I need to add a table before into my data Excel ?

    By the way thank you for your guidance !

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    Can ou post your workbook?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Phillips View Post
    Can ou post your workbook?
    The datas are private, I mean I'll need to prepare them in order to make them viewable online, but if you want I can take snapshot or describe more accurately the sheets present into my workbook.


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    No, I would want to see the workbook to see the problem, pictures don't really help enough. If you ca create a workbook with obfuscated data that shows the problem, great ...

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