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Thread: non-unique value lookup

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    non-unique value lookup

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    hello everyone, i am new to the site so i would like to first say hello to you all!

    i am stuck on a formula that should be looking up a value within a specified range.

    ex. i have an actual dollar amount that is reported and need to determine what the payout would be.

    Target Payout
    1,662 $0.01
    3,325 $0.02
    4,987 $0.03
    6,649 $0.04

    for example based on above table, if the acutal dollar amount reported was 4500, payout would read $0.02. if actual was less than $1,662 then would return 0, and if payout was 7000, payout would remain $0.04

    thank you,

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    Try this


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    thank you very much

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