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    Data Validation List

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    HI Experts,

    A B C D
    101 ABC NO

    In D column i have a data validation i'e if c1="No", "NA", count(A1, B1)>=2 and D2>=DATE(2013,1,1),D2<=DATE(2014,12,31)

    when i am selecting C1 as "No", not automatically populates "NA" in column.

    Attached file is for your reference.


    Murugavel S
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Cross posting here in Excel Forum

    (Not able to add the link-I need 5 posts for this!?)

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    Thanks BOB!

    . Array(CSE) { }, formulae are confirmed with CONTROL+SHIFT+ENTER.

    . -Replace commas ( , ) with semicolons ( ; )-or vice versa in formulae, if your locale setting demands.

    .--Don't attach a screenshot--Just attach your Excel file!

    .--KISS(Keep it simple Stupid)

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