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Thread: complicated problem...simple solutions?

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    complicated problem...simple solutions?

    I am trying to create a workbook with some customizable graphs. I have followed this wonderful article (google "Excel Dynamic Named Ranges = Never Manually Updating Your Charts") so far. But my data is a little more complex and I am now stuck. My data is the daily sales of 14 locations. I want to filter it (i.e. choose just one location from the 14) before I graph it. How do i do that?

    (In the attached file PK is a primary key, not really useful when it comes to graphing. Location is the locations ID number. ccTotal, q87 and q91 are the sale values I am logging. One of these sales values is sufficient per graph)

    My final ambition is to be able to compare the locations sale over time on one graph. Is that possible?

    thanks very much!
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