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Thread: Raw Data to propagate another workbook.

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    Question Raw Data to propagate another workbook.

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    I need some guidance or assistance on a project. Currently I export data from my Student Database, then i have to manually enter it into a home room template. The raw data has all the fields i need but i need it to populate the correct home rooms. There are 5 home rooms (HR1A, HR1B, HR2, HR3, and HR4). We never have more then 20 students in each home room. I have attached a sample.

    Work Book 1 is a current sample of what I generate. Note that the yellow highlighting is from the A.R.T. field, and the red SAC overrides the Dorm number denoting that student as a After Care.

    Work Book 2 is an empty template.

    Work Book 3 is an export I just did with the only exception being that I have replaced the students names.

    Any assistance or guidance with this is appreciated.

    Thank you

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