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Thread: Time Table is giving me trouble

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    Time Table is giving me trouble

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    Hi guys,
    I'm sorry if this thread belongs at another forum, it just seemed as the closest one.

    Anyway, I'm trying to build a not so regular time table (as where I come from breaks and such work differently) so basically, I got columns for dates(A) , day names(B), punch-in hours(C), punch-out hours(D), total work hours(E) and additional hours(F) and a few others. (sorry if I use the wrong terminology, I'm translating from Hebrew).

    The formula I'm using to calculate the work hours is "=IF((D2-C2)<0,D2-C2+24,D2-C2)" so that it can also take into account night shifts or any shift that ends after 24:00.

    the problem come at the very very last row called totals. the total for the work hours should show the work hours for the entire month, so I tired using "=SUM(E2:E31)" however it resets on 24:00 (so if someone worked 25 hours in a month for example, it'll only show 01:00).

    How can I fix this?

    I'm adding an Example File called Example.xlsx for may 2013 as this is the soonest I'm going to start using this - I'm using Excel 2010 if it's relevant.
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    Hi davsank

    Format the total cell as [h]:mm. Format cells > Number > Custom > Type: "[h]:mm" (not inc. quotes)


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    You can also simplify your formula to


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