See original post at Excel Forum titled "Search column for location of characters/numbers in cells with different digit lengths."

I'm trying to search a column of values for any cells that contain the characters & numbers in the exact pattern the user inputs. This is extra confusing for me because the values in each cell contain letters and numbers and are not all the same numer of digits. I have a userform with 18 textboxes representing the max of 18 digits. The user can put any letters or numbers in those boxes (1 letter or number per box) and I need to search the column for what they input.

For example
The column may look like this:


The user may want to find all instances where there is a '8' in the fifth digit and an 's' in the thirteenth digit(as in the second row).

I tried filling the unused textboxes on the userform with asterisks (*) but that doesn't work for obvious reasons, and question marks (?) only work if each cell contains all 18 digits, which will never be the case.

Thanks in advance for the help.