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Thread: find the name in all worksheet

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    find the name in all worksheet

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    i 2 problem and i will be happy if some one could help me thanks
    i have account payable worksheet which every month one new page create automatically with table of 50 rows and (A to H) column. on top of that i have one page for account receivable and one page for account balance. all of them works.
    what i want is one page for search individual person. in this page when i insert the name in the text box or inbox i need the all the record of that person from all the page appear. under column name
    Page name, First name, Last name, Check #, date

    in each page i have check number and i do not need the duplicate number. when the i enter the check number the system has to check all the work sheet from last month and this month to make sure the number is not duplicate check number
    thanks very much

    the project is include hassanPayable.xlsmhassanPayable.xlsm

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    Hi there!

    Let me get right to the point - your data is setup incorrectly. I know it may work for you, but it's improper and you're putting a square peg in a round hole. Not that it's not possible, of course it is, but you're making things much harder than they need to be. If instead of one sheet each month, keep all data in one sheet, then pivot out the data as desired. One place for input, one place (or many if desired) for output. Instead, you have it backwards - many places for input, one for output. I have not looked at your file. Would you consider changing the structure of your file to match something like I described?
    Zack Barresse

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    hi thanks for reply.
    you mean i make one page for account payable (all the data will be insert to this page, in account payable table), one page for account balance, one page for account receivable, and one page for search or sorting the data for output and printing.
    if i use this structure it easy to do search or sort even data validation and i do not need to write any code. on this moment because of lots of problem, i have for data validation and retrieving individual record i thing easy solution is the best solution. but because i saw the accounting program has the same structure as i like to design, it would be nice to say i did ! but it is hard for me!!!!
    OK i will try for another day to find solution if i can not. i will try your way and get back to you tanks a lot hassan. have a nice winter day.

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