Greetings all -

I am new to VBA and am trying to construct the following:


Column "Q", cells Q5:Q55, contain a drop-down pick list of 4 items ("H1", "H2", "I2", & "J2").
Column "L", cells L5:L55, have no data and no data validation restrictions using the built in functions.


If the cell in row "Q" is "I2"
The intersecting cell in row "L" is = to "NA"
The cell in row "L" can be any integer value between "1" and "99"

Preferably this would occur whenever the value of "Q" is changed to "I2" regardless of anything else.


1. Q20= "I2", then L20 = "NA"
2. Q21= "H1" or "H2" or "J2", then L21 = "1" or "2" .... "99" but not "100" or above.

Can anyone assist?

Many thanks in advance.