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Thread: Median for Range: 2 Conditions

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    Median for Range: 2 Conditions

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    I am trying to find the median of Column G IF any cell in Column N contain the text string "secondar" AND IF any cell in Column Q is greater then or equal to 2012.

    I have tried using two formulas but for some reason they are both finding the median only based on the second criteria, it is NOT taking the first criteria into account:

    (1) =MEDIAN(IF(((ISNUMBER(SEARCH("secondar",'GP Chart'!N1:N2000)))+('GP Chart'!Q1:Q2000>=2012)),'GP Chart'!G1:G2000))

    (2) =MEDIAN(IF((('GP Chart'!N1:N2000="*secondar*")+('GP Chart'!Q1:Q2000>=2012)),'GP Chart'!G1:G2000))

    Can someone please help me with this?
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    + is an OR condition operator. Tr

    =MEDIAN(IF(((ISNUMBER(SEARCH("secondar",'GP Chart'!N1:N2000)))*('GP Chart'!Q1:Q2000>=2012)),'GP Chart'!G1:G2000))

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    worked beautifully, thank you!

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