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Thread: Help with conditional formatting

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    Help with conditional formatting

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    Hi I am trying to use the greater than or equal to function to highlight a cell when that value is greater than or equal to another cell. For some reason though it highlights the column I have applied the formatting to unless there is actually a lower value does it not highlight the cell. I have several empty cells although formulas are written in them I would assume that when they are blank that the cell would not be highlighted

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    Hi MarcusCoates

    Use the AND function. For the example below in the conditional formatting


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    Do I enter that into the conditional format bar?

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    If you are using Excel 2007>. Select the cells,column/s, row/s where you need to apply the conditions. Then on the home tab. Conditional formatting > New rule > Use a formula to determine which cells to format > place your formula in the Format values where this formula is true > format as required.

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    Thanks that has worked but why does doing the simple greater or equal formula not work?

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