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Thread: Absolute Cell Addressing

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    Absolute Cell Addressing

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    Hi Every one Hope that all of you are fine.

    How i can use this formula to have the absolute cell address.

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    That is the absolute cell address.

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    when one uses this function =INDIRECT(ADDRESS(ROW()-5,COLUMN())) and copy this down this is using relative cell addressing.

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    That is a different question.

    So you want a lot of cells to all reference F1? Why not just use =INDIRECT($F$1) in them all?

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    Actually i cannot use this

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    actually i am trying to fill the missing values (my last post) in the forum. If the last 5 values are missing for any indiviual , i have to fill them. the formula to fill these values is given in column E49 and so on . as i have 65 variables and 84 indiviulas . so i will have to do a lot editing. to aviod tthis i am using the formula in column D see cell D49. but the issue with this formula is that it is using relative cell addressing.

    ((End Value/Start Value)^(1/(Periods - 1)) -1) must be fixed
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    Lost me.

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    Lost me Mean

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    worked for me for copying down.

    *EDIT -- then again I'd generally do a task like this in VBA.

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