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Thread: Selecting values

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    Selecting values

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    What is the short cut of select the values of a column if there are missing values in the column. Ctrl +Shift + down arrow key is the short cut to select all the values of a column . how to select all the values of column if there are missing values

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    Select your entire column clicking on the column heading
    Press F5
    Press Special
    Select "constant"
    Select the type(s) you need to select ( appears under " Formulas)

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    Sir I do not want to select constant only . i want to select the heading(GDP) to last know value. from heading both missing and non-missing values must be selected.

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    Hold Ctrl-Shift-down arrow for while (it will jump all the way to the bottom), then just ONE Ctrl-Shit-up arrow.

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    No direct short cut key?

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