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    vba help

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    Hey folks,

    I ve got difficulty for sorting some info in excel.

    I want the following: in column B:B for each word "upload" then I want to copy the corresponding date from columns K-M in a different column from the sheet say column P. I want to do the same, but for the word "ebucht" from column N from the table. For each ebucht (which means booked) I want to paste the corresponding date in the column Q (next to column P) and put it next to every "upload" date. I want then to substract the the dates so I can detect any changes. I ve done this manually in excel with the if-formula to extract the dates and then datediff to see their difference.

    I have to do this for each workitem (Column A). However, the problem is that for some workitems there is not erbucht (finished) word in column N, since they are not yet finished. In those cases I want to have those workitems colored in red. And that's exactly the thing I cannot automate. I dont know how to differentiate if there is the word ebucht for each workitem, since the rows of development might be different for each workitem.

    I hope you understood me. Pls help
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    Acolyte gsnidow's Avatar
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    dulitul, try this...

    Option Explicit
    Sub ExtractDates()
        Dim i As Long
        Dim LastRow As Long
        Dim lRow As Long
        Dim rng As Range
        Dim c As Variant
        Dim ebucht As Boolean
        LastRow = ActiveWorkbook.ActiveSheet.Cells(65000, 14).End(xlUp).Row
        Set rng = ActiveWorkbook.ActiveSheet.Range("A2:A" & LastRow)
        lRow = 2
        For Each c In rng
            If Len("" & c.Value) = 0 Then
                If IsEmpty(Range(Cells(c.Row, 1), Cells(c.Row, 14))) = False Then
                    If Cells(c.Row, 2) = "Upload" Then
                        Cells(lRow, 16).Value = Cells(c.Row, 11).Value
                        If Cells(c.Row, 14).Value = "ebucht" Then
                            Cells(lRow, 17).Value = Cells(c.Row, 11).Value
                            ebucht = True
                        End If
                    End If
                Else: Exit For
                End If
                If c.Row > 2 Then
                    If ebucht = False Then
                        Range(Cells(lRow, 1), Cells(lRow, 14)).Interior.Color = 255
                    End If
                End If
                lRow = c.Row
                ebucht = False
            End If
        Next c
    End Sub

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    Why don't you use conditional formatting?

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