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Thread: Summing rows where adjacent cell is the same

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    Summing rows where adjacent cell is the same

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    I have a question which on the face of it seems very simple but have not found a solution whilst searching this and many other forums.
    I am using Excel 2010 and have a list of customer numbers with associated revenue. In this list the same customer number will appear repeatedly for each sale. In reality the list is over 2000 lines long with a possibility of 300 different customers.
    11111 10
    22222 20
    55222 32
    11111 20
    62626 43
    11111 11
    22222 30

    What I want is an output than sums the total per customer number, but cannot reference the customer number in any formulae as I will not know it in advance.
    The output should look like this

    11111 41
    22222 50
    55222 32
    62626 43

    I have tried with a formulae that says something like =SUMIF(A1:A2000,"criteria",B1:B2000) where criteria = 11111, however what I want is a similar formulae that dynamically subtotals all the sales per customer without me having to know in advance the customer number. I want the formulae to learn the criteria from the given data.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    You'll need two formulas for this. Note that the Customer IDs must be text (use an apostrophe if needed).
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    Wow that was quick and yes these two formulaes look like they will work.
    The customer numbers are indeed text as extracted.
    Thanks again CheshireCat.

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