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Thread: Help with the indirect function

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    Help with the indirect function

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    Hi I am rewriting an athletics workbook as last year I was using numbers but have changed back to excel. Each athlete has their own table. I input all their times and distances with the bottom row showing their "Best" performance for each event.

    I also have a main table with the athletes names in column A. So each athlete has a ROW. In this row I want to show their best times distances etc. I previously did this using indirect but I can't seem to get it to work.

    For example in the cell that would intersect john and 100 metres I want it to look up johns best 100 metre time from his own table. The indirect function simply looked at the athlete in column A and knew that it had to look for the results in their table.

    So far all I have managed is to mirror the results from the athletes table in the main one. For example if I put =INDIRECT(A3). Into cell B3 in the main table the cell will then diplay the results from the athlete in A3 with whatever is in B3 in their table. I can't seem to get it to then look at a specific cell from that table. I know this is possible as I did it in IWork's last year and it was really simple but I can't seem to get the same result in excel

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    Post your workbook so we can be specific.

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