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Thread: Data refresh from an olap cube

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    Data refresh from an olap cube

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    Hello guru's,

    Im abit confused about olap cubes, or data cubes, is there a way of refreshing data that has been taken out of a cube in excel? Basically what im trying to learn is i know that an olap cube is a pivot table in excel and that you can quickly extract data from it, however, when i extract data from it, i would like it so that it automatically updates the data, so essentially like having a drop down box with options, once you click an option it will pull it from the cube, then every week or month, to change say a date and it will automatically refresh the pivot table and the data.

    Hope its not confusing.

    Hope to hear from the best soon.


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    Is this a SSAS cube or PowerPivot? What version of Excel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Phillips View Post
    Is this a SSAS cube or PowerPivot? What version of Excel?
    Hi Bob,

    Its excel 07, so its not a powerpivot, i've seen how good power pivots are and only wish i could use it, but its just an olap cube, i dont really know anymore than that to be honest, it connects to a database server. I dont think its an SSAS cube?


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    Funny that the majority of the cross posts seem to be with www.excelforum. I guess we must come up close in search results or something.
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    Shame though isn't it, as soon as someone mentions cross-posting, or I spot it, I completely lose interest in the thread. Excelforum jump on them, we ignore them, so it is not what you might call smart.

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