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Thread: Time and Labor Calculation help Please...

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    Time and Labor Calculation help Please...

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    Hi Friends

    I need help in couple of issues.

    A1 has Hourly Bill Rate: 72.00 - formatted as Number
    B1: has No of hours Billed: 32.25 ( 32 Hours 25 mins) - - formatted as Number
    C1: Total Cost: A1*B1 - - formatted as Number

    Here is the problem:
    C1 (A1*B1) = 2322.00 (72*32.25)

    But it is supposed to be 2334.00

    Explanation: 72*32 hours = 2304 & if we divide 72/60 then 1.2 per minute. so 25min * 1.2 = 30 - - -final cost: 2304+30=2334.00

    help me formula for excel formaula as well as Userform form formula.
    excel 2007

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    How about this:


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    Another way


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    It will be nice to browse forums, without seeing the same post on every forum!!

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    At least he hasn't duplicate posted here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Phillips View Post
    At least he hasn't duplicate posted here
    I wish that wasn't so funny!
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