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Thread: Same excel file does not work on two different computers

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    Same excel file does not work on two different computers

    Hi friends,
    caught in a labyrinth from which I can not go. Attachment, which is the big macro problem:
    On my PC excel file works flawlessly. How: pressing the macro searches for a match in column E42: Well according to demand and make a new sheet and the information it carries, but it is on my computer(with office 2007), when I go to work does not work(Office 2003), but the file is actually the same. the other thing is that it starts from the branch down D42 cells than other countries and D are hidden.
    Then look in column E42: E -> DB + number (BD 1000, BD 2000, BD ................... BD9000; ......... BD42000 ..........) then make a new worksheet name (BD1000 and so for all others) and transfer the entire column (columns) of D41:BB41 and down. As an introduction to the pictures you will see.
    If you have another code to do (replace me) am also open to comments and decision.
    Thank you in advance
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