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Thread: Add ins are not showing

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    Add ins are not showing

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    I've been given an Add in which should help me doing my work.
    I've opened it (file - option - Add-ins - Go - browse & tick the one I wana use).

    It is now in my Active Application Add-ins, but it is NOT showing up ...

    I've already used the same add in in the past, on an other computer, it worked well and made my life simpler but I wasn't the one who installed it. FYI, it was shown as a new add in tab, not in the formulas or datas tab

    I have attached the .xalm to this post so anyone can have access to it. And at list if someone manage to upload it that would be great to let me know.

    PS: I didn't find any "add-ins" section, sorry admins, I know my post might not be at the right place
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