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Thread: Stupid sorting problem

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    Stupid sorting problem

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    I'm forced at work to use Excel 2003 and I have a large database of numbers in a column that I have to use to sort. Other columns will be sorted as well. The sort column contains text and numbers like : 23-A2-006 and 100-A2-007 etc. When I sort, the sorted columns start with 100-A1-011 and 15-M1-004 is far below this after the 150 prefix. The numbers should sort 12-M1-004, 13-M1-004....427-M2-007, but they don't. Can I do anything to get them to sort correctly?


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    Hi RonN,

    Since your "numbers" contain text, that is how they are sorted. You need to make an adjustment for the missing "0"s for the single or two digit starting numbers. A simple approach would be to use a helper column with the formula:

    Then sort the helper column.

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