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Thread: Comparing two lists, of similar but different text

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    Comparing two lists, of similar but different text

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    Hi everyone, I was hoping for some assistance for making comparisons in a list where basic vlookup isnt working for me. I have two lists, both of music artists/bands. I'm trying to find out if artists in Column B are included in the Column A list. My issue is that the first list might have an artists as "ORTON, BETH - COMFORT OF STRANGERS - 0946355414", and the second list would have "Beth Orton" somewhere in it. What formula can I use to find if "Beth Orton" from column B is in Column A. Attached is a little excel example file to work with. -Thanks!
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    =AND(ISNUMBER(MATCH("*"&TRIM(MID(SUBSTITUTE(B1," ",REPT(" ",100)),1,100))&"*",A:A,0)),ISNUMBER(MATCH("*"&TRIM(MID(SUBSTITUTE(B1," ",REPT(" ",100)),100,100))&"*",A:A,0)))

    copied down

    This returns TRUE if a match of name is found.... Note: It returns FALSE if for instance there is a Minogue without the Kylie....

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