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Thread: Need help with inputting and formulas

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    Need help with inputting and formulas

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    I am an excel novice and am trying to create an easy shortcut for a spreadsheet.

    Basically, I have to pull numbers from a website that categorizes them by country code. For example, when I copy it into a blank excel spreadsheet it will say something like, AD 1 AE 33 BH 4, in two columns. Each two letter code represents a country.

    I then need to input those numbers into a different spreadsheet that tracks daily numbers by those countries. So if I were to input it manually, I would type in a 1 for the Andorra row, 33 for Arab Emirates row, 4 for Bahrain, all in one column under today's date.

    I also have a spreadsheet with every country code and name.

    How can I figure out a way to paste the daily codes with their numbers into a spreadsheet that will then put those numbers into a column that will correspond to the correct country? Every country without any sales then has to be represented by a 0 in the same column.

    I have attached an image of a spreadsheet snippet which is what it should look like completed, as well as what I paste from the website into a new spreadsheet.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	codes.JPG 
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    Have you tried IFERROR and VLOOKUP? Something like = IFERROR(VLOOKUP(country_code,range_with_country_code_and_numbers,2,0),0)
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    Nicolas Michael

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