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Thread: Need help with IF formula

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    Need help with IF formula

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    I need help with creating a formula to recapitulate values on a spreadsheet as shown in the sample below. Thanks for your assistance.

    A B C
    O7 1 0
    O6 1 1
    O6 1 0
    O5 3 4
    Total 6 5
    O7 1 0
    O6 2 1
    O5 3 5

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    You could use the SUMIF formula =SUMIF(range,criteria,sum_range).
    Assuming your range is A1:C4 then =SUMIF(A1:A4,"O7",B1:B4) would give you 1 and =SUMIF(A1:A4,"O7",C1:C4) would give you 0
    where A1:A4 is the range of O7,O6,O6.....
    "O7" is the criteria or the criteria could be a cell containing the value O7
    and B1:B4 is the range of the values you want to sum
    Best Regards
    Nicolas Michael

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    Thanks, Nicolas! I'll try it tonight...

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