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Thread: Create Average based on date range

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    Create Average based on date range

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    Hi All,

    I have a tricky equation that is driving me mad.....please help!

    Not sure if a pivot table would work or not.

    The data is a finacial report based on hotel rooms and the average money each group of rooms generates.

    I have three columns, one with a date, one with a room number, one with a monitary value.

    I need to work out the average room revenue, by month, by group of rooms (1-22, 23-40)

    Date rm no revenue
    oct-11 2 45
    oct-11 4 76
    nov-11 42 45

    oct -11 nov -11 dec-11
    room 1-21 ?average ?average ?average
    room 22-40 ?average ?average ?average

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions



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    If you are running 2007 or later you can use the Averageifs formula. Take a look at the attached file to see if this is what you are needing to do. Remember this will not work if you are running 2003 or earlier.
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    Hi Tommy,

    Thanks for a quick reply.

    your formula worked for the first cell, but i cant see how it works for the rest of the table. I am clearly missing something obvious. Can you help please?

    I have attached the sheet.

    Thanks again
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    ignore last


    sorry, i saw the mistake in the date lookup.

    Does this look correct? I had to use $ and not sure if i got it right.


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    Hey Dave,

    Everything looks good. I checked the math and it is averaging correctly . I did make a correction in the formula(s) on the room range . It was off on some of the formulas. like on Room 42-51 the formula was looking for >42 and <51 where it should be >41 and <52. I think you are good to go now.
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    Hi Tommy,

    Thanks very much for your help - very much appreciated. Works a treat and saved me hours of potential manual work!!

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