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Thread: Conditional Formatting formula

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    Conditional Formatting formula

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    Hi and thanks in advance,

    Trying to formulate a conditional formatting formula.

    I want to colour cell A1 when the following is true: Whenever there is a value in B1 then C1 must equal "Completed" and whenever there is a value in D1 then E1 must equal "Completed" and whenever there is a value in F1 then G1 must equal "Completed".

    So say if cells B1, D1 and F1 all contain values then their corresponding cells C1, E1, G1 must contain "Completed"

    or say if just D1 alone contains a value then corresponding cell E1 must contain "Completed".

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    Select the column A and then open conditional formatting
    paste this formula: =OR(E1="completed",AND(C1="Completed",E1="Completed",G1="Completed"))
    Conditioans are:
    1: Colours if all three cells are completed, or
    2: only d1 is equal to Completed

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    Thanks for your suggestion, I'll test it out.

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